Online Instruction: Implications for the Future of Higher Education

April 30, 2014 (Standford University):  Scholars gathered at Stanford University where Candace Thille, Director, Open Learning initiative, discussed the state of the art in online learning, how people learn digitally and how to adapt the design of online courses. Lunch was followed by a tour of the Main Quad and Memorial Church at Stanford then on to afternoon meeting at the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). SCPD has been offering online advanced degrees in the School of Engineering since 1997.



A Day at the Ballpark with the Washington Nationals

April 26, 2014: Prior to the baseball game, scholars met with Michael Gibbons, Executive Director of the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore, who explained the rules, history, and cultural context of baseball in the US. After lunch, the group walked to Nationals stadium where they were thrilled to see the Nationals claim a 3-0 victory over the San Diego Padres.

Visiting Fulbright Scholars with "Natitude"

Visiting Fulbright Scholars with “Natitude”


Newly-minted Nats Fan and Visiting Fulbright Scholar Gabriel Balayan of Armenia

Fulbright Day at the Lenape Indian Village

April 19, 2014: For Fulbright scholars who sometimes find themselves surrounded by concrete more than they are used to, a day at the Lenape Village provided a great way to get away from NYC. Winakung, meaning “Place of Sassafras” in the Lenape language, is a re-created Lenape Indian Village, where scholars enjoyed the opportunity to get closer to nature, in much the same way that the original inhabitants did thousands of years ago.

Ukrainian scholar Igor Kizub learns to use a pump drill.

Ukrainian scholar Igor Kizub learns to use a pump drill.

The Fulbright scholars and their families in front of the historic canal village.

The Fulbright scholars and their families in front of the historic canal village.

Enrichment Seminar: Strengthening Communities through Diversity and Action

April 13 – 16, 2014: Lousiville, KY World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana 

Mayor Greg Fischer has made supporting Louisville’s compassionate community one of the three major goals for his first term as mayor. He has stated that “being a compassionate city is both the right thing and the necessary thing to do to ensure that we take care of all of our citizens.” As a former entrepreneur known for his business savvy, the choice to put compassion on the same level as innovation and job growth may seem surprising at first.

Throughout the seminar, Mayor Fischer, speakers and community leaders addressed the scholars to discuss the importance of nurturing a compassionate community, how Louisville is challenging citizens and government alike to commit to this cause, and the benefits as well as difficulties in doing so.

Photo 2 - Louisville


Friends of the LA River Tour

April 12, 2014: The visit with Friends of the Los Angeles River provided much insight on the environmental issues Los Angeles faces, especially drought, water resource management and recreational facilities.  The scholars walked along a portion of the river and listened to a water specialist discussing  the accomplishments so far and future plans and challenges. Scholars benefitted by learning what is being done to protect and restore the natural and historical heritage of the Los Angeles River.
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Berklee College of Music’s 28th Annual International Folk Music Festival

March 27, 2014: The scholars and their family members began the evening with a meal and had  a chance to mingle with old friends, meet new friends, and generally enjoy a relaxing time before heading to the concert venue.  The concert was performed by international students who attend Berklee College of Music. Their performances showcased music from their home countries, as well as other international music.  The quality and professionalism of the performers was outstanding.  The last performers were a trio of professional Mexican musicians (Los Rumberos de Boston) who played lively music causing the entire concert hall to be filled with dancing students, Fulbright Scholars and more! 

Berklee 1 Berklee 2 Berklee 3

Enrichment Seminar: Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Nonprofits and Developing Communities

March 19 – March 22, 2014: The University of Texas at Austin
Austin ranks among the top cities for business start-ups, long-term job market growth and education.  On the frontline of a new wave of businesspersons, many attribute social entrepreneurship as a key component for Austin’s success. While in Austin, Fulbright Scholars from all disciplines had the opportunity to meet with business entrepreneurs as well as faculty and students from the University of Texas at Austin to explore the seminar theme of Social Entrepreneurship. 

Fulbright Enrichment Seminar - Austin 2014